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2nd Sunday Fiddle Tune Jam & Business Meeting
4th Sunday Fiddle Tune Jam
SPECIAL Business Meeting 2021-November-24

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12 PM to 2:45 PM
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Terrace Mobile Home Estates Clubhouse
1815 Sweetwater Road
Spring Valley, CA 91977



While a common joke suggests this "depends on whether you're buying or selling", the fact is the "fiddle" and "violin" are, for all practical purposes, the same instrument, with the distinction being the kind of music being played.   Indeed, most people agree that fiddle music is primarily dance music, whereas violin pieces can be for listening and playing, but don't necessarily give a call to one's feet.  While either can be simple or extremely complex tunes to play, the music's danceability is no minor distinction, for the playing of the fiddle is first and foremost a social experience, and something meant to be enjoyed not only by the player, but by others who participate in accompanying the music and/or dancing to it.  Its no surprise, then, that playing the fiddle - and fiddle music in general - is a big part of our cultural heritage, and something that continues to be enjoyed by young and old alike. 


Most of the old-time fiddle music we hear in the US today originated in England, Ireland and Scotland.  The fiddle is a small and relatively inexpensive instrument, easy to carry and great for playing simple dance tunes.  With fiddlers ever-present in wagon trains and around campfires, their music not only broke the tedium of long journeys across the prairies and mountains to California and Oregon, it quite naturally found its way to western homesteads and was heard at barn raisings, community gatherings, dances and ... gopher stomps.

CSOTFA District 7

The California State Old Time Fiddlers Association (CSOTFA) is a 501(C)(3)nonprofit organization that began informally in the early ‘50’s, and eventually incorporated in 1969. It is comprised of nine active districts, all of which seek, in both common and/or distinct ways, to preserve, perpetuate and promote the appeal and tradition of playing old time fiddle music. CSOTFA’s District 7 is primarily comprised of residents of the San Diego County area.

We meet three Sundays a month for jamming, see District News & Events for times and locations.  We also co-sponsor an annual fiddle contest in Julian, CA.

Members are available to provide entertainment for a variety of events.  

If you would like to request information please see our Contact Us page.

We welcome "fiddlephiles" young, old and everyone in between to join us in our activities and in preserving and perpetuating old-time fiddle music in our community as a truly American art form and cultural treasure.


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